Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Joining the Wondrous World of Spray Painting

Okay, call me lame, but until this year I had not heard of the magical world of spray painting to refresh your home decor. Now, I have used spray paint before - I don't totally live under a rock. But I had not thought to use it for things in my home.

As I delved deeper into the blogosphere, I was introduced to the wonder that is spray paint. So, extremely excited about the possibilities, I decided to embark on my maiden voyage into this wondrous new world.

I decided to start with some objects that I purchased from Salvation Army. That way, if I totally messed up, I wasn't doing it on beloved objects. So, I bought two candlesticks at Salvation Army. It took me a minute to find a couple that I liked - at first it was really hard for me to look past the colors they already were! But I finally got in the swing of just looking at their shape and form and found what I was looking for.

I bought this gold beauty for 79 cents:

(Please excuse the terrible condition of my deck - that's an upcoming summer project!)

I also bought this candlestick, the color of which I can't fully explain. It was $2.99.

So, I attacked the candlesticks with plain ol' Rustoleum in Semi-gloss White. I sprayed light layers, letting each dry in between coats. I will admit, the speckled black candlestick was giving me some irritation - the first couple of layers looked like they weren't adhering.

But spray paint conquered! And for the grand total of about $12.00 (including candles), I had a brand new look for my mantel.

My foray into spray painting went so well, I decided to remake some other objects in my living room. I'll share those projects later.

I LOVE spray paint!


  1. I am right there with you...I just discovered the WONDERS of spray paint too! I have redone so much around my house!! Continue did a wonderful job!

  2. Yes, spray paint is a wonder!! Great job on the candlesticks, they look so fresh now!!

  3. They look so great! I did a similar project a couple months ago, except I painted my candlesticks oil rubbed bronze. I love the white, though - it looks so crisp. I think I have those same (or very similar) candles too!


  4. @ Hannah - Thanks! I've been wanting to try the oil rubbed bronze, but haven't come up with the right project yet. I've heard it's really lovely looking.

  5. I lurve spray paint! You can do just about transform anything with it...I'd love to paint my couch! :)

    Blessings to you,
    lana @ ilovemy5kids

  6. @ Lana - I hear you! I'm thinking about painting my car!!