The 31 Lady Philosophy

It is my aim to live my life in the way that God has called me to.  This means living my life guided by scripture and the Holy Spirit and doing all things to the glory of God.  I feel we are called to do ALL things to His glory and to move in excellence in every area of our lives - from our spiritual practices to how we handle our money to the way we care for our families and homes.

I believe Proverbs 31 can be used as a basic guideline to keep me focused, though it is not the end all, be all of scriptures which guide Christian women in their lives and ministries.  But, by using Proverbs 31 as a starting point, it is my goal to continuously improve the way I live my life, and to make my life more pleasing to God, myself, and those around me.   These include areas where I already feel that I am doing well in, such as my work life, and, more importantly, the areas where I'm not doing so hot - like my eating and exercise habits.

In this blog, I will document and explore my journey to live more like a Proverbs 31 woman.  This may mean sharing recipes that have been a success in my attempts to be a better cook, or sharing ways to organize your life, or mini-studies of scriptures and aspects of Christian life that come in my spirit to look into.

I hope this blog is a help to you - and to me!  We should be continuously learning and striving to be better, and I look forward to being on that journey together.