Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recipe Flip-Stand

Recipe printouts have been a long standing problem in my house. I find recipes I want to try, so I print them out and add them to my recipe folder. Then I find some favorites and they slowly disintegrate into a food stained, folded edged, hard to read piece of paper. Another big problem: when Mr. 31 goes to get one of his tried and true recipes, it is lost in the stack of my new recipe finds. And, believe me, I hear about it: "Why is this recipe you've never made on the top of the stack, and my waffle recipe is in the middle? You aren't even going to make that recipe right now - we don't have any pumpkin (or heavy cream or pudding mix or some other ingredient we don't normally stock in the house)."

Then I saw the fabulousness that is the cookbook stand at Finding My Aloha. And I knew it was the answer to my prayers - or Mr. 31's prayers, whatever.

I had the perfect frame on hand already. I had gotten it during the summer between high school and college, and it was still full of homecoming and prom pictures from senior year.

Here it is with Sammy, who shouldn't be on that table. Photographic evidence of misbehavior! Yeah, like that'll keep him off of it.

So, I emptied the pictures from the flip frame and added them to my stack to be added to a photo album/scrapbook at some point. You know, when I have spare time to make a scrapbook.

My frame is two sided, as evidenced below:

So, I made one side Mr's 31's favorite recipes and the other side my favorite recipes. I retyped our favorite recipes onto 4x6 pieces of paper and slipped them into the photo sheets.

I love this solution! It keeps our favorite recipes close at hand and in protective sheets. Perfection!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by!
    What a great idea for recipes!
    My hubby is the cook and has loads of unorganized recipes...I might have to make this for him!

  2. What a cute, decorative, and creative solution! Adorable!

  3. Thanks for linking back to me! I'm glad you liked my idea, it really is cute AND functional. Yours turned out so cute! I love the double sided feature.

    Did you know that I inserted my recipes on both sides of the inserts? That way when it's open I can use either side easily? Didn't know if you could tell that from the pictures.

  4. What a great way to keep your favorite recipes handy and a fabulous re-use of an item you already had! You are correct. Perfection.

  5. this is so ingenious! i love it!!!


  6. Great idea. Love the way you shared with Mr. 31.


  7. What a good idea to stay organized and have your favorite recipes always at hand!

  8. Just wanted to let you know I featured you today on my blog.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  9. Great idea! I love it!

    Thanks for linking up at

  10. I love it! What a great idea and would make a good gift too! I'd love it if you stopped by Topsy Turvy Tuesdays!

  11. i think its a great gift for any women specially home makers who stay at home and love to look after their families and cook their favorites to keep them healthy, a great gift for me too:)

  12. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party this week!

  13. simple solution
    sounds like it will save
    your marriage

  14. That is a really, really great idea! Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!

  15. SUCH a creative idea!! Way to go! I am happy to be your newest blog follower and would love to have you as a friend at FrouFrouDecor! I'm hosting at link party/giveaway every Friday and would love to have you link up your finds!! Hope to see you there!!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  16. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's! Love it! I have way too many recipes for this, but wouldn't it be fun to do this with family recipes. One's from my grandmother's and great grandmothers! LOVE it!