Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anniversary Top Ten List

Today is Mr. 31's and my 4th anniversary. Yay! So, in honor of that, here are the top 10 reasons I love my husband:

10. He indulges me by pulling into Dairy Queen when I've had a bad day....or a good day.

9. He cares enough and is honest enough to stop buying me Dairy Queen for my own good.

8. He has great taste in women. He married me, didn't he?

7. He thinks outside the box. Which means I'm never bored.

6. He's got a good sense of humor, which helps when you live with ME :)

5. He's funny. Like REALLY, genuinely funny...which a lot of people don't know because he's fairly reserved in public.

4. He is beyond patient and compassionate to everyone around him.

3. He always aims to be a godly husband and always has my best interests at heart...though sometimes I act like I don't know that when he makes some when he says we can't go to Dairy Queen.

2. He loves me.

1. He loves the Lord.

Happy anniversary Mr. 31!